United We Learn supports students across the U.S. by producing and curating free learning materials that encourage students from all backgrounds to graduate high school and succeed in college.



Students with Disabilities

All students have the right to equal access to facilities, programs and activities on campus. We provide resources for students with disabilities that help them learn to become their own advocates.



Diversity positively impacts all students. We're committed to helping high school and college students from all backgrounds find scholarships and resources to help them succeed.


LGBTQ StudentS

Our resources help LGBTQ students find schools that provide the curricula, student organizations and amenities that best support them.

Education Resources & Scholarships for Women 


The 2018 theme of Women's History Month is "Nevertheless She Persisted," which will honor all women who fight all forms of discrimination against women. UWL is committed to supporting the National Women's History Project and the year's theme with our helpful guidebooks. These in-depth resources include information on degrees in STEM and other fields where women are underrepresented, and curated lists of scholarships for women.



Education Resources & Scholarships for African American Students


College enrollment levels for African American high school graduates increased to almost 71% in 2014 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, up from a little over 59% the previous year. But there is still more support that can be given to help all students succeed. In conjunction with Black History Month, we'll curate and launch a collection of well-researched and informative resources to support African American students on their journey to higher education.



Education Resources & Scholarship for LGBTQ Students


UWL is committed to helping educators create safe spaces for LGBTQ students to learn and students find inclusive college campuses. Our comprehensive resources provide information on LGBTQ scholarships, how students can find LGBTQ-friendly schools and more.